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SwaziYolo is part of a research project conducted by Swazis. To learn more about the research please click here. After reading the information about the study we invite you to take part in our survey by clicking the TAKE SURVEY tab. Taking the survey will allow you to get the game unlock CODE and win E200.00. The sections below describes the SwaziYolo game in detail and and what you can do to get the game. Thank you for your interest.

SwaziYolo -Game

The SwaziYolo game is an interactive, educational story game, which puts the player in the role of a young adult looking for love in Mbabane, making important choices about relationships and sexual health. For now you can only play the game if you use any of these phones: Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Sony, Sharp, Huawei etc... to see a list of all phones you can use to play SwaziYolo, please click here

The game exists in two major parts. The first is set in an imaginary social network called SwaziYolo, which is meant to resemble a combination of existing tools like Facebook, OKCupid and Whatsapp. Here, players view profiles of potential love interests and have online chats with various characters. 

The other half of the game takes place in various made-up locations around Mbabane, such as nightclubs and cafes, where players regularly go on dates. In both parts of the game, players are regularly required to choose between several courses of action to progress a conversation or storyline with a friend or love interest. The decisions they make will influence the opinions and behavior of other characters, as well as the player’s own health and safety 

How to play the SwaziYolo game

How to get the SwaziYolo Game

  1. Take the survey here upon completion you will receive the game unlock CODE on screen, via SMS and via your email
  2. Download SwaziYolo here and install it in your android phone or tablet device, or download it at a place near you. click here to find a place near you.

  3. In the SwaziYolo app, enter the necessary details including your game unlock CODE to unlock the game
  4. Like all good stories, the first scene of the game opens in anticipation. Take your time to be captivated by the game characters!!

Timing of surveys and access to SwaziYolo

Please note 

After finishing the survey you will be randomized into one of two groups. Group membership is chosen at random by a computer system; 

Group one will take the survey then play SwaziYolo game, and after 4 weeks they will be asked to retake the same survey, remember you can win yourself 200 Emalangeni. 

Group two will also take the survey twice but will wait until everyone in group one has finished playing the game then they will be given access to the game after taking the second survey. The purpose of these groups is to compare playing outcomes among people who will play SwaziYolo game immediately and those who will wait for a while. Remember you can win yourself 200 Emalangeni

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